Being Out

A collection of experiences about crossdressing, and being open about it with friends, family and co-workers

So, I came out on Facebook earlier this year, to pretty much everyone I know, and the outcome, as you can see from the pics attached in that post, was pretty good. I felt freer and more-able to post pics on my one-and-only facebook account, and found a bit more courage to dress, and partially dress (makeup, nail polish, low heels a few times) to work, without comment, which is nice. It’s been so… liberating… to not have to hide one of the hugest parts of who I am. Admittedly, this is the SF Bay Area, so people are mostly […]

On being out.

There really isn’t much to say in this particular post – a friend and I went to Folsom Street fair. It was kind of boring (I’VE BEEN ON THE INTERNET, I’VE ALREADY SEEN EVERYTHING), so we stopped into a Thai place for lunch/drinks and ended up just hanging out there for a few hours before heading home. She took a some-way decent pic of me, so I might as well post it. Oh hai. (Another post from the series Being Out.)

Folsom Street Fair

So, a funny thing happened a while ago… When I posted this entry back in April, one of those photos struck me as one of my favourite pics of myself. It was this one: I think it’s still probably my favourite (not that I don’t try to top it each and every time I take pics!). But while I was sitting in front of my laptop (updating this blog) I began to feel a lot of different things. Things I’d felt before, but never as strongly as I did just then. This is stupid. This is an AWESOME picture of […]

Out. To everyone… On facebook.

After wrangling with updating WordPress a little bit, and then dealing with the fallout of “Holy shit, everything’s broken!!1one” I figure I should probably talk a little bit more about some of the stuff I’ve been up to this year. Looks like the last thing I wrote was about a friend’s birthday party I went to where I was dressed up around a few coworkers. Kind of scary, but for the most part, it turned out pretty well! progress++ Well, more in the theme of this being the year of doing alllll the scary things… At work, we had an […]

Dressed at an office party!