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A collection of reviews of various products and services that I’ve tried :) If you’re interested in having me review some of your products, contact me at – I might decline, because I want to be very particular about what I review, but it’s worth a shot.

Photography is hard. When I’m running around doing my own photoshoots, I’m very much focused on only a few angles and a few poses, while I struggle to figure out what else I can do, and how much originality I can eke out of my limited repertoire. So when I was booking my most recent trip to Las Vegas for my own shoot, I wondered if it would be worth actually paying a professional to take photos of me. The boudoir photoshoot landscape is a bit daunting, particularly because it’s easy to look at those photos, see the stunning women […]

A Boudoir Photoshoot

Boobs. You love them, I love them. British indie band Cornershop loves them, writing “Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow” in their 1997 smash hit “Brimful of Asha”. Theirs, apparently, was on the “45”, whereas mine is generally tucked away in a box in my closet, up until such a time as knockers are required. When I first started out crossdressing, boobs usually meant scrounging whatever I had around me in order to fill up an otherwise empty bra. Scrunched up t-shirts and beanie-hats usually fit the bill (or cup?). For some reason, I eschewed most people’s default of […]

REVIEW: Exsil Breastforms from Glamour Boutique