For lots of reasons, I hadn’t crossdressed at work since February, which ended up being about 3 months. I suppose that’s not the longest time I haven’t dressed, but for some reason it felt like an eternity. I’ve been crossdressing at work on and off for a couple of years now, but this was probably the longest window in which I hadn’t. I’d been planning to dress for a while, but for whatever reason, the previous weeks didn’t work out. Yesterday, however… it was time. Ah, public transport, how I loathe thee. And yet, I need thee… so keep working, […]

Back to work

So, a funny thing happened a while ago… When I posted this entry back in April, one of those photos struck me as one of my favourite pics of myself. It was this one: I think it’s still probably my favourite (not that I don’t try to top it each and every time I take pics!). But while I was sitting in front of my laptop (updating this blog) I began to feel a lot of different things. Things I’d felt before, but never as strongly as I did just then. This is stupid. This is an AWESOME picture of […]

Out. To everyone… On facebook.