Is it normal that I’m attracted to guys when I’m dressed? I’ve heard this a lot – enough for me to say “Yes, this is normal. Lots of people experience this.” However – I don’t understand it. I’ve heard lots and lots of people say that in the instances where they dress up, they find themselves attracted to members of the same gender. The thing I find curious is why that would be. Sexuality is fluid, absolutely – but I don’t feel more attracted to women if I’m putting up shelves, and I don’t feel like I start becoming attracted […]

Ask a Crossdresser: Sexuality while dressed

Well, it’s been a busy year I guess! in 2012, I basically came out to everyone as a crossdresser. That was a pretty big milestone for last year. This year – 2013 – I started going to work while dressed. Being able to dress more definitely gave me a lot more time to figure out my style a bit more, going from this to this I think it’s fair to say I’ve become a bit more comfortable in terms of not only style, but also just being able to be comfortable in my own skin while dressed.

Goodbye 2013, you’ve been somewhat spectacular!

Maybe if you’ve been paying attention you’ve noticed that I’m out to everyone publicly, and have been dressed to work events on a few separate occasions. What might not be abundantly clear, mostly because I haven’t really spoken about it a great deal, is that I’ve actually been going in to work dressed fairly regularly for the better part of a year now. I’ll let that sink in a bit. I have been dressing up… at work… fairly regularly.

Being out, and dressing, at work.

So, I came out on Facebook earlier this year, to pretty much everyone I know, and the outcome, as you can see from the pics attached in that post, was pretty good. I felt freer and more-able to post pics on my one-and-only facebook account, and found a bit more courage to dress, and partially dress (makeup, nail polish, low heels a few times) to work, without comment, which is nice. It’s been so… liberating… to not have to hide one of the hugest parts of who I am. Admittedly, this is the SF Bay Area, so people are mostly […]

On being out.

I haven’t ever done one of these before. Seemed about time :) If the whole point of this blog (or at least, one of the points) is to show to the world that us crossdressers are not weirdos or freaks – that we’re just normal people who happen to dress up like women every so often, it feels like seeing who we are day to day (or dressed up vaguely like Wayne Campbell from Wayne’s World…) seems like it might help.

Guy Mode/Girl Mode Comparison