So, my job’s kind of cool inasmuch as they have lots of somewhat large parties where people dress up (You’ve probably noticed). Ever since the first one I dressed up at (which was scary, but a necessary step in my eventual coming out of the CD closet and having people see this as a NORMAL, NON-PERVERTED HUMAN ACTIVITY), it’s become somewhat expected that at each costume party type affair, I’ll be dressed up like a lady. And that’s fine. I’m happy to fill that role :D So, the theme of the Christmas party was “France”… Little bit of a broad […]

Christmas Party – En Francais!

So last night, after much hemming and hawing, I put on an outfit, and left my apartment with a friend. Out in public. Oh god. The wine in my system seemed to calm my nerves, and the fact that there was a friendly face with me helped too. My expectations were mostly to be, you know, beaten with sticks, set-upon by a bloodthirsty pack of homophobes, each kitted out with a gut-spilling spear, a sign saying “KILL ALL TRANNYS” (because clearly, they wouldn’t be able to spell ‘Trannies’) and a loudspeaker to announce to anyone outside the nearby vicinity that, […]

Out in public: A whole new world

  As usual, you take thirty or forty photos, pick the one or two good (or at least, not-terrible) ones, and then discard the rest. This one’s not too bad – one day I’ll have to deal with my freshly-shaved face differently, on account of my stupidly dark stubble. Maybe better foundation/concealer. Or something else. Would love to hear some tips! Somewhat full-length. But sitting. Couldn’t get a good standing pic :( I desperately love these boots! I’ve got a bit of a stupid-face going on. Then again, you didn’t see the other ones :S Some days are good and […]

New pics!