Crossdresser Shopping

I’ve always found that the amount of crossdresser shopping resources out there is fairly limited, or those online crossdressing stores which cater specifically to crossdressers seem to supply trashy, low quality clothes. I am definitely not a fan of that! As such, I’m putting together a list of places I regularly buy things from, plus links to things that I’ve actually bought. Hopefully you’ll find this useful!

General Shopping

Let’s just get these out of the way to begin with – these are usually my first port of call for everything.

  • Nordstrom – Basically my default place to shop
  • Macys – Macy’s is pretty good – I get a lot of underwear from here
  • Bloomingdales – Pricier, but I’ve gotten my handbags from here


  • Zappos – Immense range. I used to order a lot of shoes from here.
  • DSW – Lots of good shoes in all sizes, and not too expensive.
  • Payless – The lower end of the scale in terms of both price and quality, but a huge range of sizes
  • Long Tall Sally – lots of shoes in the widest range of sizes I’ve ever seen!


  • Modcloth – Modcloth is where I get the majority of my dresses from – they have a huge range of different styles, and free shipping!
  • Anthropologie – Definitely on the higher end of the scale, but their sale section has some amazing bargains, so it’s always worth a look. I’ve gotten some gorgeous items from here.
  • Torrid – Lots of clothes for bigger girls here
  • American Eagle Outfitters – some great basics here.


  • Sephora – I’m a huge fan of Sephora – I got colour matched there! They have a huge range of stuff, from middle-to-higher end
  • MAC – I’m a sworn MAC-addict now. Their foundations are amazing, and their lipsticks are phenomenal. They have makeup-counters basically everywhere – I generally wander into Nordstrom if I want to poke around, or the nearby MAC Pro store.

Happy Shopping!