A series of posts outlining how to choose clothes to look good as a crossdresser

Heels. We all love them. From kitten heels to skyscrapers, they’re a great way to complete a look, and can make or break an outfit sometimes. But when you don’t have a pair, or you’ve bought a pair and can’t for the life of you walk in them, you (or at least I) inevitably end up searching online for “Oh hey, how the hell are you supposed to walk in those?!” As it turns out, it’s reaaaaaaallly not that difficult – read below to learn how to walk in heels with confidence! A little backstory first, I guess.

How to – Walk in Heels

Last time (my god, that was a long time ago) I talked a bit about how to crossdress sneakily… This time… maybe it’s worth talking about how to actually do it, or at least, how to avoid the mistakes I made, and those that I see others make as well. See this guy? The one on the left? That’s me. Clearly I had no idea what I was doing back then. Fetish boots? Crazy hair? Apparently I didn’t shave, terrible makeup. That’s probably the only pic I have of me even approaching dressed up. I don’t really know why I […]

How to Crossdress… For real, this time!

Being a crossdresser’s pretty tough – there’s this thing that you want to do, but it’s (annoyingly, and stupidly) frowned upon by most people (or at least, the internal paranoiac seems to think so). It’s also hugely visible – it’s difficult to not stand out of the crowd when you’re 6’3 in clicky heels. And yet, that urge to wear what you want and not be shunned or shamed is pretty strong. So what do you do? There are a few ways that I’ve battled with it out and about – and one thing I’ve found that somewhat sates the […]

How To Crossdress (Sneakily)