A bunch of crossdressing-related guides to help beginners with makeup and clothing, and maybe other stuff as well!

Following on from my previous blog post, I wanted to talk a little about making dressing up and getting out there a bit easier. The number of days where I had decided I was going to dress up, only to end up not doing so, is depressingly large, and each time, there was always some reason why it wasn’t practical to do so. Fear, I suppose, was one of the biggest hurdles to get over. That’s still a bit of a work-in-progress – each time I dress up, there’s always a little bit of fear, and given the long hiatus, […]

Pragmatic Crossdressing: Getting out the door more easily

Heels. We all love them. From kitten heels to skyscrapers, they’re a great way to complete a look, and can make or break an outfit sometimes. But when you don’t have a pair, or you’ve bought a pair and can’t for the life of you walk in them, you (or at least I) inevitably end up searching online for “Oh hey, how the hell are you supposed to walk in those?!” As it turns out, it’s reaaaaaaallly not that difficult – read below to learn how to walk in heels with confidence! A little backstory first, I guess.

How to – Walk in Heels

Last time (my god, that was a long time ago) I talked a bit about how to crossdress sneakily… This time… maybe it’s worth talking about how to actually do it, or at least, how to avoid the mistakes I made, and those that I see others make as well. See this guy? The one on the left? That’s me. Clearly I had no idea what I was doing back then. Fetish boots? Crazy hair? Apparently I didn’t shave, terrible makeup. That’s probably the only pic I have of me even approaching dressed up. I don’t really know why I […]

How to Crossdress… For real, this time!

The first in the Making Liz series. I don’t know about you, but it took me quite a while to get to grips with even the idea of doing makeup. As a crossdresser, we face some challenges – different challenges, and I, by no means, am no expert on how to tackle them (As I’m SURE you’ll be able to tell from this photo series… But first… let’s begin…

Making Liz – Part One: Bizarre Preparation