So, I came out on Facebook earlier this year, to pretty much everyone I know, and the outcome, as you can see from the pics attached in that post, was pretty good. I felt freer and more-able to post pics on my one-and-only facebook account, and found a bit more courage to dress, and partially dress (makeup, nail polish, low heels a few times) to work, without comment, which is nice. It’s been so… liberating… to not have to hide one of the hugest parts of who I am. Admittedly, this is the SF Bay Area, so people are mostly […]

On being out.

“All right”, I thought. “Today, I’m gonna go for it.” 30 mins in the shower shaving legs, arms. Another ten mins in the bathroom while I shave my face. Moisturize. Looking pretty good. Grab some clothes out of the closet. Tight t-shirt, ridiculously skinny jeans, pink suede heels (trust me, they look better than they sound). Wig, forms. Mirror.   Oh hey, my lip has inexplicably swelled up, and there’s a small scab on my nose that, all combined together, makes me feel really, hideously ugly. Feel fat and mishapen.     Well, I guess we’re done here. :/