When I heard Daisy was starting a blog, I have to admit, I was super excited :D Daisy’s one of my favourite people, and we have similar outlooks about crossdressing in general. On top of that, she definitely has a lot of great advice to give – Take a look at this post in particular. Check it out here – http://daisymuffins.blogspot.com/ EDIT: Looks like Daisy’s blog’s gone. Oh well :/

Featured Blog: Beaming with Happiness – by Daisy Muffins

Probably the biggest fear I have as I get older is that at some point I’ll come to a place where I feel like I just won’t look good anymore when I dress up. I’m 30 now, and every so often, when I look back at pictures from ten years ago, I can see how my face has changed. How it’s aged slightly. Where the lines will probably come in, or have started coming in just a bit. It’s not terrible so far (+1 for moisturiser!), but they are there – and in all likelihood, it’ll just get worse. Frickin’ […]

A note on self-acceptance: The sooner, the better

Well, it’s been a busy year I guess! in 2012, I basically came out to everyone as a crossdresser. That was a pretty big milestone for last year. This year – 2013 – I started going to work while dressed. Being able to dress more definitely gave me a lot more time to figure out my style a bit more, going from this to this I think it’s fair to say I’ve become a bit more comfortable in terms of not only style, but also just being able to be comfortable in my own skin while dressed.

Goodbye 2013, you’ve been somewhat spectacular!

Ok. So in a previous post I mentioned how much I wanted a pair of black, sparkly TOMS shoes. So I bought them. And I don’t like them. I’m not really sure what the issue is – they still look cool in the picture, but on… I just haven’t found anything that works with them, in either male or female mode. Maybe it’s because they’re not heels. Maybe in going for the black-sparkly, they turned out to be a bit too dull. Maybe it’ll just take a bit longer to figure out the right outfit. Maybe I should’ve gone for the red! […]

TOMS, Part Deux

“All right”, I thought. “Today, I’m gonna go for it.” 30 mins in the shower shaving legs, arms. Another ten mins in the bathroom while I shave my face. Moisturize. Looking pretty good. Grab some clothes out of the closet. Tight t-shirt, ridiculously skinny jeans, pink suede heels (trust me, they look better than they sound). Wig, forms. Mirror.   Oh hey, my lip has inexplicably swelled up, and there’s a small scab on my nose that, all combined together, makes me feel really, hideously ugly. Feel fat and mishapen.     Well, I guess we’re done here. :/