When I heard Daisy was starting a blog, I have to admit, I was super excited :D Daisy’s one of my favourite people, and we have similar outlooks about crossdressing in general. On top of that, she definitely has a lot of great advice to give – Take a look at this post in particular. Check it out here – http://daisymuffins.blogspot.com/ EDIT: Looks like Daisy’s blog’s gone. Oh well :/

Featured Blog: Beaming with Happiness – by Daisy Muffins

Probably the biggest fear I have as I get older is that at some point I’ll come to a place where I feel like I just won’t look good anymore when I dress up. I’m 30 now, and every so often, when I look back at pictures from ten years ago, I can see how my face has changed. How it’s aged slightly. Where the lines will probably come in, or have started coming in just a bit. It’s not terrible so far (+1 for moisturiser!), but they are there – and in all likelihood, it’ll just get worse. Frickin’ […]

A note on self-acceptance: The sooner, the better

Well, it’s been a busy year I guess! in 2012, I basically came out to everyone as a crossdresser. That was a pretty big milestone for last year. This year – 2013 – I started going to work while dressed. Being able to dress more definitely gave me a lot more time to figure out my style a bit more, going from this to this I think it’s fair to say I’ve become a bit more comfortable in terms of not only style, but also just being able to be comfortable in my own skin while dressed.

Goodbye 2013, you’ve been somewhat spectacular!