I don’t really know what to say about the election. People voted for whom they genuinely thought was the right candidate. A candidate that many people in non-majority communities worry will make them unsafe. I’m not here to push any political agenda, but I do know that those who voted for the President-elect voted for whom they felt was the right candidate for them. But a vote for that candidate means that you either: truly believe that people should be excluded from this country based on their race, or their beliefs, or have certain rights denied based on their sexuality […]

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Hi. The avid reader might have noticed a slight absence lately, or at least a huge slowdown in post frequency. My bad! At the beginning of this year, I made a goal to update at least once a month – I had some pretty good articles, too! But sometime around May it all kind of stopped, and I feel like I should explain why, and at the very least reassure you that, no – I’m not going to disappear forever, and yes – I will keep writing blog posts for as long as I can come up with things to […]

Life, and the last few months.

So a few days ago, I put up a link on the site where I asked you about what you thought of the site, what you’d like to see more of, what you’d like to see less of, and your general thoughts, and even after only just a few days, it’s been super helpful, so thank you! I’m going to leave the survey up for a whole lot longer though, just to see what even more of you say. (If you don’t see the bar for some reason, you can fill out the survey here – I will be greatly […]

Some updates, and a call for help

On Boxing day (December 26th for all my non-commonwealth readers), BBC one showed “The Boy In The Dress”, a story about, according to wikipedia: a twelve-year-old boy who enjoys cross-dressing, and the reactions of his family and friends. Having watched the trailer, obviously I was curious, so I went about getting my hands on it and taking a look. Spoilers below, you have been warned!

The Boy In The Dress

I was playing around with Google trends a bit yesterday, and came up with this: (Direct link) It’s interesting how the word “transvestite” was largely replaced by “crossdresser” starting around the middle of 2008. The only thing I can think of is that “transvestite” is a little too close to “tranny” which I wouldn’t want to be thought of as purely for the pornographic connotations. (If you include “tranny” on the chart, it dwarfs both “transvestite” and “crossdresser”. sigh.) Can you think of anything else?

Crossdresser or Transvestite?