Well, it’s been a busy year I guess! in 2012, I basically came out to everyone as a crossdresser. That was a pretty big milestone for last year. This year – 2013 – I started going to work while dressed. Being able to dress more definitely gave me a lot more time to figure out my style a bit more, going from this to this I think it’s fair to say I’ve become a bit more comfortable in terms of not only style, but also just being able to be comfortable in my own skin while dressed.

Goodbye 2013, you’ve been somewhat spectacular!

Hear ye, Hear ye – today is Sunday, April 3rd, and I weigh 175lbs. I could probably lose 10lbs and look awesome. It’s tough being a software developer – the majority of your day is sedentary, apart from walking to/from public transport to get to/from work, or just walking somewhere to get lunch. When I was at college, I spent a good deal of time walking around to get to places, and the odd weekend running around the park. These days, what with commuting and a full-time-job, it can be hard to get any form of exercise. Therein lies the […]

Project Weightloss: The De-chunkening.