Annoying. 2

“All right”, I thought. “Today, I’m gonna go for it.”

30 mins in the shower shaving legs, arms. Another ten mins in the bathroom while I shave my face. Moisturize. Looking pretty good.

Grab some clothes out of the closet. Tight t-shirt, ridiculously skinny jeans, pink suede heels (trust me, they look better than they sound). Wig, forms.



Oh hey, my lip has inexplicably swelled up, and there’s a small scab on my nose that, all combined together, makes me feel really, hideously ugly. Feel fat and mishapen.



Well, I guess we’re done here.


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2 thoughts on “Annoying.

  • Caroline

    Oh!! Don’t let a scab freak you out. Girls out there have the same problems and they go out. And swollen lip? Are you sure it won’t just look pouty after putting on some gloss? I’m sure you look fabulous an you’re over-reacting.

    • MyWeekendShoes Post author

      Probably over-reacting a bit, but the lip’s only swollen on one side, and I definitely don’t want to put any product on it!
      Maybe tomorrow will be better :)