TOMS, Part Deux

Ok. So in a previous post I mentioned how much I wanted a pair of black, sparkly TOMS shoes. So I bought them.

And I don’t like them.

I’m not really sure what the issue is – they still look cool in the picture, but on… I just haven’t found anything that works with them, in either male or female mode. Maybe it’s because they’re not heels. Maybe in going for the black-sparkly, they turned out to be a bit too dull. Maybe it’ll just take a bit longer to figure out the right outfit. Maybe I should’ve gone for the red! Arg!

But then I saw something that made my heart jump ever-so-slightly…

TOMS Ballet Flats!

I’m a total sucker for heels – can’t get enough – but you can’t (or probably shouldn’t!) wear them all day, and sometimes, there’s nothing cuter than a pair of flats. And just the meager preview images have set my heart a-flutter. I literally cannot wait.

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