Making Liz – Part One: Bizarre Preparation 1

The first in the Making Liz series.

I don’t know about you, but it took me quite a while to get to grips with even the idea of doing makeup. As a crossdresser, we face some challenges – different challenges, and I, by no means, am no expert on how to tackle them (As I’m SURE you’ll be able to tell from this photo series… But first… let’s begin…

DSC_0537 Ug… Sun come up… Need tea, wake. Shower. Shave. Uggg…

Ah whoo, ok, shower’s done! I put on shaving cream in the shower a few minutes before I’m done – gives it a chance to soften up the beard. One thing, accidentally discovered…. Barbasol, of all things, is a pretty awesome shaving cream – I use it everywhere. I haven’t nicked my legs/arms since (well, except out of sheer stupidity from using an old razor, but I digress…)

DSC_0543Is dat some Gillette Mach 3? Yes. Yes it is. Please, PLEASE, for the love of all things skin-related, don’t shave against the grain. Well. I don’t. Because my face will hate me. See all that somewhat visible stubble? We’ll get to that in a little while…


Pro-tip – if you’re not moisturizing after a shave… you’re an idiot. Ok, that wasn’t really a tip, but yeah – I get the *worst* razor burn if I don’t moisturize, so slap it on. I love this stuff – Skin Drink from Lush. Amazing.


While you’re waiting for the moisturizer to soak in, you might as well get your lips ready too – this is Sugar Lip Treatment (clear) that I’m pretty sure I got as a sample or something from Sephora. It’s pretty awesome. Also good is, really, anything by Burts Bees.


Apply like so.

Still waiting. Bit boring. What else can I do? Ooooh. I know…


MAINTENANCE. Significant advances have been made in tweezer technology, or something. I say that, because this $16 tweezer that I picked up from Amazon (the hot pink was $3 cheaper than the blue one… Just sayin’…) is far and away better than anything I’ve picked up for cheaploids in a drugstore.You can grab individual hairs and pluck ’em out and do real damage….uh, I mean… sculpting… to your brows.  Seriously though, go get them waxed first so you get a good arch in there, and then maintain until you can’t maintain no mo’.


This was supposed to be a picture showing off my brows. It mostly looks like I’ve fallen asleep. Whoops.


Ok look. I’ve shaved once, and I went with the grain, I know. You’d think using an electric shaver to basically get all the way down shaving against the grain is stupid. Well maybe you’re right, but I’ve never accidentally sliced my face off with an electric razor, and in all honesty, it gives me a much closer shave without the suffering and bloodiness than a regular razor do. Yes. do. After you’ve done this, wash your face – you don’t want any of that tiny stubble dust getting stuck in your makeup (I have forgotten on occasion – you don’t want to make that mistake, believe me!).
DSC_0566Remember a few minutes ago when you moisturized? WELL DO IT AGAIN.

ok, I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the habit of slapping makeup all up on my shit, I have to moisturize the balls out of it. I literally don’t know what that means, but I think you get the picture.
DSC_0568Wait some more.

Might be worth sticking some clothes on, too. Assuming you’re actually getting fully dressed and not just dicking around with makeup, now is the time to go get your outfit on. Not pictured, there is a bra under this shirt, which is holding in place a pair of detachable silicone wabs. Aww yeah.

Onwards to Part Two

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