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So a few days ago, I put up a link on the site where I asked you about what you thought of the site, what you’d like to see more of, what you’d like to see less of, and your general thoughts, and even after only just a few days, it’s been super helpful, so thank you! I’m going to leave the survey up for a whole lot longer though, just to see what even more of you say. (If you don’t see the bar for some reason, you can fill out the survey here – I will be greatly indebted!)

One thing that came out was that most of you don’t care about the slightly risque content – some people love it, and some people would like to see less of it. With that in mind, I’ve moved it all to one particular page – *Slightly* NSFW Pics, and made sure that it doesn’t clutter up the front page / main feed at all. That way, if you’re really looking for it, you’ll be able to find it, but it’s very difficult to stumble across, so if you, say, want to show your wife or partner or friend this site, you can go right ahead :)

But now, the call for help!

I’m planning a few upcoming posts where I’m going to ask questions about my and my crossdressing to people who know me well – my friends, and my wife, and my plea for help is as follows:

Do you have any questions for me, or for them?

I’ll definitely make sure to answer any that come to me, and ask anything relevant to my wife and friends :)

Please either leave your questions in the comments here, or email me at You have no idea how much you’d be helping me out :)


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9 thoughts on “Some updates, and a call for help

  • Evie

    How much time, if any, was there between the wife (and friends) seeing a picture of Liz vs. seeing you in person? Did the reactions differ much?

  • Sylvia J

    Not sure if you have contacts who will be able to help with the perspective I’m going to ask about, but any ideas/feelings will be really helpful. A bit of back story for context – my husband told me he wanted to explore cross dressing about a year ago (and then that he had already done so etc etc). Having got to a position where we are pretty much sorted with this he now very much wants us to go out more which makes it almost inevitable that we will bump into neighbours and friends at some point.

    We are in our 50s and have children at University at the moment, so they are back and forth from home. Whilst I have no problem with neighbours etc “finding out” I don’t want others to know when the children don’t and I especially don’t want the children to hear this information from someone else out of the blue. It will be my husband’s decision in the end whether he tells them, although whilst I felt very protective of them (and him) when I first found out I feel that – knowing our family – by the end of another year this could also be pretty much sorted.

    So, I am looking for an insight from my children’s perspective to help us make this decision. The relationship with your parents is different to everyone else and my husband is very scared of screwing things up if he shares this. From my viewpoint, this is a piece of information which once known cannot be “un” known, so we would be kind of forcing them to work through it whether they want to or not. I wonder, if a parent is cross dressing, would you rather not know? If you have friends who have shared with their children would they recommend it? Are there any hints and tips to support them all if my husband decides to go ahead?

    Sorry – a bit longer than the other questions, but little information about this around the internet as far as I can see. Thanks for the wonderful blog!

  • Sylvia J

    Thanks Liz – The link does give helpful perspective, it is a shame the father and daughter can’t talk about it but I can see why. I found this article as well when looking this morning. The Guardian is a middle class fairly left wing newspaper in the UK, so I’m surprised at some of the feelings expressed in the comments, but in general there seems to be as much damage to be done keeping things hidden as in getting them out in the open as there is an implied lack of trust in the person who has not been told. Also a scary lack of understanding of the terminology and actuality of cross dressing in the Guardian article! Will continue to ponder. :)

    • Liz Summers Post author

      oh wow! I’m from the UK originally – I pretty much end up reading the Guardian every day :D That article only came out 2 days ago! How timely!

      The mother echoes some thoughts that both my wife and I have had in as much as when we have children, we don’t want to keep it a secret, but at the same time, we don’t want it to be a point that bullies then can focus their energy on. I’d like to think when the time comes, I will raise my children viewing it as completely normal. In my experiences so far, my friends view it as completely normal – maybe my family are a bit weirded out, but that’s ok as far as I’m concerned.

  • Sylvia J

    Guardian reader eh? Are you sure you’re comfortable sharing that with the rest of the world? :D

    As a secondary school teacher (11-16) – I would say that the current cohort of kids are much more on message and actively supportive of differences these days than the adults are (and the adults are pretty good). Causes of bullying are much more difficult to define than having an easy target, so no more or less likely to be an issue than for anyone else I would say.

    As a parent – every parent is an embarrassment to their children however you play it, so don’t worry – so long as you love them they’ll be fine.

    Working on the concept of privacy vs secrecy at the moment and wondering why gender is such a massive deal for people anyway!