2014 in Review 3

You may or may not remember, but last year at around this time I made a post about how 2013 had gone, with some goals for 2014… Well, I guess it’s about time to review those goals and see how I did! But first up, here are some of my favourite pics from this year :)



2014 Goals recap

  • Shop more in person Ok, this one I didn’t do so well on – in general, actually, I think I ended up dressing *less* this year than previously. This was due to a number of factors, including changing teams and being nervous about dressing in front of them, to generally being kind of sick a lot of the year (which really, really sucks!), and at times being a bit overloaded with stress. I might ditch this goal anyway – I hate shopping at the best of times!
  • Put together a slide deck on crossdressing – Yeah… I didn’t do this one either. Laziness, really. But I am undeterred! I should definitely put together some kind of primer on it for the uninitiated, or a pamphlet, or something.
  • Lose some weight – Awwww yisss – I actually did ok here. I started the year at around 180lbs, and am ending it at around 175. I put in some small amount of effort, and obviously could’ve done a bit more. I think I’m gonna carry this goal over to next year too, though. My bodyfat tends to accumulate in ONE PLACE on me – my belly – the rest of me is doing ok, but I don’t want that belly :(
  • Post a video – ok, I bombed on this one hard. I actually tried to get a video going at one point during a photoshoot, but was let down becaue my computer wonked out on me :/ Oh well. HOWEVER, there remain large scary plans for this to happen this year, so stay tuned for sure!
  • At least one more photoshoot – one more? PFFT I did three! (first, second, and third in sfw and nsfw parts)

Ok so… I didn’t do great. Boo. Booooooooooo. However, other big things happened – let’s start with the biggest:

Stuff that happened in 2014

  • Bought a house – YEAH THAT’S RIGHT! Ok, so I didn’t actually mention this at all on the blog, but it was kind of a nightmare, and I was basically stressed out on end for about 3 months. But it’s over now, and I live in it. How does this relate to crossdressing, I hear you ask! Well, my work commute time is about 40 minutes shorter, which means I have a lot more time to get ready :D Also means I’m a lot closer to the city, so could do photoshoots around SF a lot easier (still want to do an outdoors photoshoot at some point!)
  • Perfected my photoshoot technique – Ok so at the beginning of the year, it was kind of a hacked-together setup, but I spent some time cleaning up the code and making it a LOT more user-friendly (I should really do a post about that at some point, actually…) and now I’ve got it down to an art :D Also, bought some lighting equipment, so there shouldn’t be any more badly-lit photos! At some point I should upgrade my camera equipment/lenses too – but one thing at a time!
  • Made a Facebook account – Ok, ok ok – it’s hardly been a milestone, but it’s a useful way for people to keep track of this blog without having to setup a mailing list – Like me here: https://www.facebook.com/MyWeekendShoes
  • Got harassed on a train – While this isn’t an accomplishment by any means, it’s important to note that it happened, and is a good reminder to all of us that, however safe we can sometimes feel, there’s creepers out there, and we should be vigilant and smart at all times to stay safe.

So… how about 2015, eh?

Goals for 2015

  • Lose weight/get healthier! – Ok this one is going to be on the list every year, lol. With the new house, we have a lot more space, so we bought a treadmill – now all I need to do is, uh, use it? My goal remains 170 lbs :D
  • At least two photoshoots – Ok, I’m aiming higher than my goal for last year. I’m still hopeful for an outside photoshoot, but that’s going to require some planning! I’ve got some ideas for the first one, so I guess we’ll see how it goes :)
  • A VIDEO, DAGNABBIT – This one is the scariest. What will I do in a video?! Do I say things? Should I do a puppet show (ok, that’s not a terrible idea, maybe)? Do I even have things to say? This will be a work in progress, I’m sure.
  • Slide deck/Primer on crossdressing – I feel like this one is important. A lot of people, when faced with a friend/family member who crossdresses, don’t know what to think/how to act/how to respond. A brief primer for them might be helpful.
  • Dress more! – I mean. come on.

I guess in twelve months, I’ll see how I’ve done :)

How about you? What are your goals for this year?? Let me know in the comments!! <3xx

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3 thoughts on “2014 in Review

  • Natassia Crystal

    Great post! Will be writing a blog post about 2014 and 2015 in the next week as well.

    And yeah.. I know about the belly problem.. I don’t gain that much weight when I eat.. but if I do.. it’s always at the belly. My 2015 goal will be to get rid of that belly and have a flat stomach again! :)

    I also understand how work and stress and other crap can get in the way.. I haven’t dressed that much since mid October, but fortunately I had a lot of stuff on my hard drive that I could use for the remainder of 2014.

    So… photo-shoots in SF.. that sounds awesome! I’m so jealous, because last time I was there.. I wanted to do so many shoots.. but I only had a few days. I actually plan to visit SF in either 2015 or 2016.. and then just reserve a whole week for photo and video shoots!

    Talking about videos, what’s your goal with them? Do you want to vlog? Or do you want to do OOTD? Do you want to make small/short movies? Or all of the above and more?

  • Liz Summers Post author

    :D if you’re ever in SF, hit me up! :D

    RE videos, I don’t really know yet – vlogging kind of sounds like a nightmare (my god, what would I talk about?!). Would be kind of cool to do a day-in-the-life video, or maybe a weird music video, or something. I haven’t really gotten that much figure out yet, but maybe I can’t figure it out until I do it!!

  • Breanna Elizabeth

    I just read ur post and I really enjoyed them. As a cross dresser also, I can relate to some of ur dilemmas. I am an over-the-road truck driver and am able to dress more than usual.
    Back at the first of January 2015, I finally got the nerve to “come out” and announce to the Facebook world and to all my friends that I like to to crossdress. I was amazed at the response I got. 99.9% of all my friends said that they had no problems with it. If it made me happy doing it then they supported me.
    I have lived with this for about 35 years and had to hide it from my spouses ( I was married 3 times). But since my last wife passed away in 2013, I made it a point to live my life and be who I wanted to be and to hell with what other ppl think.
    I have gone out shopping dressed as a woman and was not treated unfairly nor was I “clocked”, meaning that I didn’t “pass” convincingly. Every person I talked to though, I showed them a picture of my real self and they were blown away saying that the picture couldn’t possibly be me. They were amazed at how well I had done at making myself up as a woman. I had “passed”.
    But you are right, passing shouldn’t matter. As long as you are happy being you and you are comfortable dressing as a woman, then I shouldn’t matter what everyone else thinks.

    Lots of love, Breanna