One of the first questions we ask ourselves once we realise that we’re crossdressers/transvestites is “Why am I like this? Why am I a crossdresser?” Usually it’s not from a place of genuine curiosity, but a place of shame, or of misplaced guilt, or of anguish, because we’re suddenly assaulted by this reality of being different from everyone else – not by choice, but by circumstance, as if Fate has dealt us a shitty hand that we have no choice but to play. Well, ok. That’s one way to look at it. Another way to look at it is as […]

Crossdressing: Nature or Nurture?

Is it normal that I’m attracted to guys when I’m dressed? I’ve heard this a lot – enough for me to say “Yes, this is normal. Lots of people experience this.” However – I don’t understand it. I’ve heard lots and lots of people say that in the instances where they dress up, they find themselves attracted to members of the same gender. The thing I find curious is why that would be. Sexuality is fluid, absolutely – but I don’t feel more attracted to women if I’m putting up shelves, and I don’t feel like I start becoming attracted […]

Ask a Crossdresser: Sexuality while dressed

So a few days ago, I put up a link on the site where I asked you about what you thought of the site, what you’d like to see more of, what you’d like to see less of, and your general thoughts, and even after only just a few days, it’s been super helpful, so thank you! I’m going to leave the survey up for a whole lot longer though, just to see what even more of you say. (If you don’t see the bar for some reason, you can fill out the survey here – I will be greatly […]

Some updates, and a call for help

Does you extended family know? (Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) What was their reaction? So I’m actually 100% open about it now – My facebook profile picture alternates between me dressed as regular me, and me in a wig and makeup and looking spectacular, lol – Everyone knows, and for the most part either don’t care, or at the very least, don’t give me grief about it. My mum I think is having the hardest time dealing with it, but then I also think she’s having a hard time dealing with the fact I’m not a twelve year old […]

Ask a Crossdresser: Who knows?

Liz, I stumbled upon your blog and the ask page. I am a mostly straight man attracted to M2F girls, and I have a first date with a crossdresser tonight. I was looking around online for dating tips, do’s and don’ts, but couldn’t find much. She seems rather eager for sex, which is fine. I will proceed with caution, but I’m wondering if I should show up with flowers and wine just as I might on a date with a GG. My instinct says yes be the same gentleman I am usually, but I was just looking for confirmation. Definitely, […]

Ask a Crossdresser: Dating a crossdresser

Short answer: No. Although some crossdressers might be gay, the majority aren’t. It’s an important question. Initially my thoughts on this were “It shouldn’t matter! There’s nothing wrong with being gay!”. While I agree wholeheartedly with the latter, the former is clearly incorrect: it *does* matter a great deal in some cases. If you see a crossdresser in the street and you immediately associate them with being gay, you’re guilty of making false assumptions, but that’s of no real consequence. If you find out after 20 years of marriage that your husband is a crossdresser, and your mind jumps to […]

Ask a Crossdresser: Does it mean you’re gay?