As usual, you take thirty or forty photos, pick the one or two good (or at least, not-terrible) ones, and then discard the rest. This one’s not too bad – one day I’ll have to deal with my freshly-shaved face differently, on account of my stupidly dark stubble. Maybe better foundation/concealer. Or something else. Would love to hear some tips! Somewhat full-length. But sitting. Couldn’t get a good standing pic :( I desperately love these boots! I’ve got a bit of a stupid-face going on. Then again, you didn’t see the other ones :S Some days are good and […]

New pics!

Being a crossdresser’s pretty tough – there’s this thing that you want to do, but it’s (annoyingly, and stupidly) frowned upon by most people (or at least, the internal paranoiac seems to think so). It’s also hugely visible – it’s difficult to not stand out of the crowd when you’re 6’3 in clicky heels. And yet, that urge to wear what you want and not be shunned or shamed is pretty strong. So what do you do? There are a few ways that I’ve battled with it out and about – and one thing I’ve found that somewhat sates the […]

How To Crossdress (Sneakily)