Lazy Photoshoot 2

I wanted to do a photoshoot recently. I usually have a theme. Today I did not. Also, I’m tired of doing shoots indoors – I’m going to have to get more out and about, but that requires a car, which I did not have this weekend. Also, where would I change?

Outfit 1:

Blue tunic, black leggings. Nice and simple :)

Oh yeah, and these blue little bootie-things that I can walk in, but I feel like will fall apart and/or cut into my foot at some point. They’re a bit cheapy. Also my ankle bone sticks out (FUN FACT: it’s called the malleolus) and my skin’s a bit weirdy on it. NO CLOSE UPS.

EXCEPT OF MY FACE. I tried to do a photoshoot with the fancy camera, but I got nowhere and had no ideas.

Given my lack of ideas, I decided to mostly give up and just do cell-phone selfies. Cell-fies? Can I trademark that?

…clearly I cannot, given that a cellfies hashtag already exists. Nuts.

Outfit 2:

Yellow-type-dress thing. Also this grey cardigan.

I was in two minds about this dress, but my wife convinced me to get it. She was clearly correct.

Ooh I’m liking this black-background business. I should do more of that.

Check out the shoes too. I’ve had these for a while, but I don’t think I’ve actually ever worn them to work. Oh yeah, because they’re not comfortable. That’s right.

Thankfully, sitting is nice. Also we can see the green couch again. I love it so much.

Oh and here’s a purple wall that I painted. Maybe I should paint more walls in my house different colours so I can have sweet backgrounds for #cellfies.

Outfit 3:

A grey sweater and some shorts.

These are some short-shorts, let me tell you. I like them, though. I was tempted to pair with tights, but then I couldn’t figure out the shoes, so I decided against it and went sandals instead. I like these sandals.

This sweater’s pretty dope though. Check out the goldfish. And the black background again.

You will of course ignore the messy background.

…and again.

Outfit 4:

Black t-shirt, statement skirt.

Oh yeah, this is money. Ignore my inability to smile in this photo. I tried for a long time to get the camera at the right height, and really nothing went right.

Sassy mirror selfie though. Those sandals really work well here.

Sitting again, because those sandals are real high. I can walk in them though. They haven’t seen pavement yet though. But soon. Will require some practice though, I think they’re the tallest heels I have.

Oh yeah. Money.

Outfit 5:

Little mermaid tshirt + skirt + boots.

I love The Little Mermaid. I love this skirt. I love these boots. This pose is hella awkward though.

Mirror selfies make it better.

Especially this shot – you can really see how it all fits together here :D This is an outfit which will be seen by LITERALLY DOZENS of people.

Bonus: gams

I didn’t shave my legs this morning for nothing.

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2 thoughts on “Lazy Photoshoot

  • Stephanie

    You could always try crowdfunding for a professional photo shoot.Maybe get an outfit sponsor ;-)
    …and you look fantastic as always.

  • Tina

    Those leggings in the top photo look awesome. It’s reminded me that I badly need to buy a new pair after my much loved wet look pair passed away last year.