Usain Bolt wins 100m, Curiosity lands on Mars, and Liz takes a few pics. a LOT of pics.

Well. Today’s been pretty fantastic, hasn’t it?

I’ll just leave these here in that case.

First, some of the webcam pics…

Ok, they get a bit better than this…

This blue nail polish I got from Sephora is pretty unbelievable – from Nails Inc.

I wasn’t really sure about this one, but it grew on me.

Then, onto the hi-res!

Haven’t played guitar for a while. I always keep it beside me, just in case – and I’ve been getting back into it again recently :D

And now, for my favourites…

And just to show that A: you can’t take it too seriously, and B: there are some truly AWFUL photos that don’t get posted here…

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