Guy Mode/Girl Mode Comparison 2

I haven’t ever done one of these before. Seemed about time :)

If the whole point of this blog (or at least, one of the points) is to show to the world that us crossdressers are not weirdos or freaks – that we’re just normal people who happen to dress up like women every so often, it feels like seeing who we are day to day (or dressed up vaguely like Wayne Campbell from Wayne’s World…) seems like it might help.

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2 thoughts on “Guy Mode/Girl Mode Comparison

  • Charlotte Deneice Windham

    I like your pictures. been dressing since I was five. I like to be in boy,and girl mode. I prefer girl mode as I enjoy,and feel more comfortable as a girl. In Mississippi it is not easy because they don’t except it well. My neighbors turned against me. I still do it. I don’t care. I love being a woman when I can. Transgender in Mississippi,and proud of it.