Sometimes you just have to take that leap.

In my previous post I mentioned how I’d started on a new team, and it was a bit terrifying having to go through it all again and confront new people with this TERRIBLE SHAMEFUL SECRET (I am, of course, kidding).

Well, predictably, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I was imagining. As (I’m pretty sure) I’ve said before, the majority of my fear resides in my head, and, while the thought of facing it can be terrifying in and of itself, actually going ahead and facing it isn’t so bad. Everyone treated me completely normally, and the only comments I got were one person asking if I preferred to be called by a particular name, and another being annoyed I could find shoes in my size!

It’s funny how you can so quickly forget your past experiences and achievements in the face of a new problem to face.

It’s even more funny how, once you take that leap, how stupid (and happily so) you feel afterwards.

Onwards to victory :)

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