Vegas: Green 3

(Part of Colours of Las Vegas)

My wife likes this dress. I also like this dress. However, much like the blue dress, I couldn’t get a good shot of me in it standing up. I look awkward.

Which is annoying, because looking in the mirror when I’m wearing it, I thought it looked great! I’m putting this down to a couple of things: The day was wearing on and I was less and less interested in trying a bunch of things. I feel like in hindsight the camera was at the wrong height/angle/distance. The hard part of being your own photographer is that you can spend a lot of time running back and forth moving things around, and you never actually see yourself through the lens, but only on the screen after the photo’s been taken. All the to-and-fro’ing is exhausting, and I’m doing it in heels. I imagine if I had someone with me who had a similar aesthetic in mind, we could get through all the poses/outfits in maybe three hours, instead of the ten hours this entire shoot took.

This turned out quote vintagey. I like it.

I feel like these next three headshots have a vague Bollywood feel to them. Maybe? I don’t know, I’m actually not super familiar apart from that one movie I saw when I was 8. Maybe it’s the necklace. And the brown asian-iness.

Who doesn’t love a barstool and a glowing orb?

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3 thoughts on “Vegas: Green

  • Natassia Crystal

    I think you look great in this green dress! :)

    And yeah, I have also realised that it’s very important to experiment with the placement of the camera and external flashes. I actually have a notebook with sketches, distances, heights and settings for all my gear.

    I hope you get to photograph yourself in this dress outside soon!! :)

    • Liz Summers Post author

      Do you have a strategy for outdoor photos? Being dressed outside is one thing, but spending an hour trying to get photos of yourself is quite another!

  • Yasmin Jalia Walsh

    Girl you said a mouthful. I’ve taken so many shots of myself but it seemed far away or blurry or didn’t capture the right facial pose.

    Getting good help and support as a Crossdresser is rare which is why I’m happy for you and your marriage.

    Your pictures are gorgeous and your skin tone only illuminates with the pumps and royal green.

    P.S. I learned of you via The Crossyass Podcast.

    Sincerely Yasmin Jalia