Vegas: Blue

(Part of Colours of Las Vegas)

I adore this dress. it’s nice and breezy, super flattering, bright and colourful, and for some god-awful reason, I couldn’t get a decent picture of me standing up in it. Maybe I just couldn’t find the right pose. Maybe I was exhausted and couldn’t be bothered anymore. Maybe I was so tired I actually forgot to look at my preparation doc to remember the pose I’d already picked out for this dress. God dammit.

In any case, I did get some good photos, so I’m not mad.

Holy hell, look at the size of that tub though. I never take baths, generally, cuz gross. However, in this room, I took two.

They were still gross, but I’m not not going to take a dip in a giant bathtub. Also the water was warm and and I was not feeling great. I did attempt to take a sexy bathtub pic later on, but it was right at the end of the day. I was exhausted, I didn’t have bubble-bath, and the test shots I took were awful. Maybe one day I’ll figure out that shot, but not this time around.

Tried some headshots too, which worked out. Particularly that mirror shot! Check out the framing on that. Rawr. That took a while, with many a failed attempt.

You know, sometimes I think I could be a professional photographer. Sometimes.

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