Vegas: White 2

(Part of Colours of Las Vegas)

See that face? That is a greasy face. That is the face of someone who is currently thinking to themselves “Oh god, is it actually worth being out here in this miserable heat?”

The answer to that question is a solid “Maybe”. Daylight was fading though, and getting the most out of the terrace and the limited Las Vegas skyline that I had seemed like an opportunity I shouldn’t miss.

All that said, being inside, even with this weird spot-lighting coming from the ceiling, was infinitely preferable.

Plus I hadn’t sat on a counter-top yet.

If you hadn’t been paying close attention, I’m wearing these dark floral shorts which are gorgeous. You can’t see them too well, and I’m OK with that, mostly because sucking your stomach in is hard work.

I’m also a bit in-love with these sandals. They are high and awesome and from all the running back and forth to between the camera and wherever-the-hell-I-might-be, I learned that I can walk in them without too much difficulty. Success!

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