Ask a Crossdresser: Is just dressing enough? 7

From another recent email I received:

Are you ever afraid that, or do you ever have the feeling that just “dressing” isn’t or won’t be enough for you?

That’s actually something I’m not worried about at all. For me, dressing is basically where it ends. I’ve never had any long-term desire to be a woman – indeed, the rare, short-term thoughts on it I’ve had have evaporated faster than what to watch next on Netflix. Further steps, like transitioning, hormones, voice-coaching, etc are just not something that drives me, or appeal to me. Quite the contrary – although I will always have this feminine side as a large part of my personality, for whatever reason, the dire need to dress has been diminishing lately (which is its own curiosity – I suspect it’ll bubble back up again soon)

Thanks for the question!

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7 thoughts on “Ask a Crossdresser: Is just dressing enough?

  • Robert Eres

    I have periods where I love to dress up. Sometimes call into work sick so I can shave my body, apply my makeup and dress up. Then, after a couple of weeks or so, I get tired of shaving. Mainly because my legs will get irritated if I shave everyday. Once in awhile, I will purge. Only to realize that I should not have purged, so I go out and buy new stuff. I generally don’t dress up during the winter, I grow my hair to keep me warm. During the warm months, lookout. I shave everything from head to toe. I like to wear light makeup. a cute tank top, short shorts and flip flops and get on my bicycle and go for a nice bike ride. I get alot of attention and cat calls from guys.

  • Char'

    What an inspiring journey you’ve had dear soul.
    A story of courage, determination, release , acceptance and well, soooo much.
    I too am on the journey…nuff said on that for now; lots of challenges and lots of powerful happiness as well. I would love to have some chat if you are open to that idea hehe

    Mostly, Just a Thank You for sharing and thank you for being Exactly who you are!


  • Shelia Davis

    I don’t know where this comes from but my attached partner ( you know) gets excited about crossdressing. Does this happen to you and does it pass when your full time? I am very part time and wife knows and love me crossdressing. I can venture out but only in outer state cities.

    • Liz Summers Post author

      Doesn’t really happen to me :) As for whether or not it happens when someone’s full time, I have no idea! Awesome that your wife loves you either way :)

  • Sallee

    I’ll add my 2 cents. I have been at this longer than I want to admit. And I have no desire to cross over even to full time CDing. I have tried it for 3 or 4 days at a time and by the end of the long weekend I needed pants and to not shave for a few days. I think it would take all the fun out of it. Doing anything full time gets old. I have worked full time for many years and it is OLD! Even though I like my job been doing forever and when I get a day off I’ll take it.
    Same with CDing after a few days the thrill is gone.I know it will come back so I am not worried. I only dress for fun.

  • Jim

    I couldn’t have said it better. I found your blog while doing a search for crossdressers who have had a boudoir sitting (which I would like your opinion on !!). Your statement “For me, dressing is basically where it ends” echoes my thoughts exactly.

    THANK YOU for creating this website !!!