From another recent email I received: Are you ever afraid that, or do you ever have the feeling that just “dressing” isn’t or won’t be enough for you? That’s actually something I’m not worried about at all. For me, dressing is basically where it ends. I’ve never had any long-term desire to be a woman – indeed, the rare, short-term thoughts on it I’ve had have evaporated faster than what to watch next on Netflix. Further steps, like transitioning, hormones, voice-coaching, etc are just not something that drives me, or appeal to me. Quite the contrary – although I will […]

Ask a Crossdresser: Is just dressing enough?

Personally: No. I am male, in both body and mind. This is an important point. The parts that we are born with are not the 100% guarantees of gender that some people feel that they are. Gender is something that we carry around with us in our minds – it is who we are, as opposed to what happens to be in our underwear. It’s also worth nothing that you aren’t necessarily EITHER male OR female. Think of gender like the colors black and white – you can be a very dark grey, or a very brilliant white, or equally, […]

Ask a Crossdresser: Will you transition?