Ask a Crossdresser: Your wife

You said you were married. How did you bring it up with your wife? What was her reaction? Was it before/after you started dating/married?

So my wife and I were friends online for a looooong time before we were ever romantically linked, and yeah, she knew at least 3 or 4 years beforehand. I guess a lot of things were made easier by the fact that she knew – I suppose she knew what she was getting into, lol – but I was definitely worried about it for a bit, and yeah, even now every so often I get worried that she’ll lose interest (although really, I don’t think that’ll happen :D). It also definitely took me a little while to be able to dress up around her, and sometimes it’s still a bit odd, lol – but by and large I think we’re very happy (and I’m VERY lucky!)

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