So you’ve discovered that your husband is a crossdresser. Maybe you stumbled across their hidden cache of clothing and makeup, or after years of bottling up a secret which they thought was shameful they couldn’t take it any longer and revealed it to you. Maybe you’re scared and confused about what this means about him, and what it means about your relationship. Maybe you’re concerned that having hidden something for so long, you don’t know who he is, or maybe you’re worried that if he’s been able to hide this from you, what else could he be hiding? It’s very […]

Help! My Husband is a Crossdresser!

When I was younger, I was pretty convinced that I would never find someone to be with, because I thought I was hideous and broken. As it turns out, I did, and I’m not! I suppose I haven’t written very much about what it’s like to be a married crossdresser, other than how awesome it is to have a super-supportive wife, but one thing that I think doesn’t necessarily get heard much of is how the partner of crossdressers think of it, how they deal with it, and what their hopes and fears are. A little while ago, I asked […]

The Crossdresser’s Wife: A spouse’s perspective

You said you were married. How did you bring it up with your wife? What was her reaction? Was it before/after you started dating/married? So my wife and I were friends online for a looooong time before we were ever romantically linked, and yeah, she knew at least 3 or 4 years beforehand. I guess a lot of things were made easier by the fact that she knew – I suppose she knew what she was getting into, lol – but I was definitely worried about it for a bit, and yeah, even now every so often I get worried […]

Ask a Crossdresser: Your wife