I read an article not-too-long ago at The Onion, titled Woman Feels Like She’s Finally Ready To Start Receiving Unsolicited Vulgar Messages Again. (If you’re unaware, The Onion is a solid satire site). This particular article, as with all good satire, is both hilarious and extremely pointed – it hit its subject matter squarely on the nose – or went cleanly through it and continued on a path out of the back of its skull, if we insist on sticking to our ‘pointed’ metaphor. As a male on the internet, I in no way stand out. No one cares what […]

Male Attention (or “How To Make Me Not Like You”)

Whoo! I honestly didn’t think we’d get even that far – I figured I’d hover around maybe 4-5 Facebook likes for a while. You might be thinking “Oh hey… 700 likes… that’s, a, uh, interesting number to celebrate at…” Well, you’re not wrong. But I also found this (slightly nsfw) picture I hadn’t posted for some reason, so why the hell not

700 Facebook Likes Celebratory Post!