The Shortest Photoshoot 1

I had some time alone at home this week, which I mostly used to watch a LOT of movies. I wasn’t really feeling like dressing up – I was mostly feeling incredibly lazy, so taking even the most miniscule amount of pictures felt like a huge effort. Plus it’s winter, so the light was fading. And I started late. Oh yeah, did I mention I was feeling incredibly lazy? It felt like a colossal effort to do my nails, shave, do my makeup. Maybe it’s just because it’s winter and the days are a lot shorter. Maybe it’s because I overdid it on the kettlebells the day before and I’m still fully achy from it (albeit, in the good way). Maybe it’s because my energy level was low from just getting back from travelling, or maybe it’s because I missed my family. Hell, maybe it’s because I had spent the first half of the day scarfing down deliciously fat quesadillas and felt as bloated as an overstuffed manatee and couldn’t move. Who knows. But somehow I managed to eke out a few pictures before I ran out of the few remaining fucks I had to devote to this endeavour.

I haven’t dressed up at home for a while. It’s probably been over a year. I work from home, so you’d think it would be easy, but I had shifted my hours a lot earlier so I could finish work earlier and spend more time with my family, which is great! But it does means that I have a lot less time in the mornings between getting the kid ready for school and then jumping straight into work. I could probably fit getting dressed up into my routine if I really really wanted to. I guess I haven’t really really wanted to for a while. That’s not a bad thing. It’s not really a good thing either. It’s just a thing.

That’s it really. There’s not really much more to say. Even though I wasn’t super feeling it, I think I got some nice pictures in.

Thanks for taking a look <3

Oh and here’s a derp.

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