A Rhode Island Tragedy 12

A friend of mine was getting married in Rhode Island, and so our little friend group all flew/drove in from across the country to hang out! I had arrived on Monday, with plans to hang out with everyone all of that week. The wedding was on Saturday, which would give us a day of recovery on Sunday, and then I’d fly back home on Monday. I had picked out a pretty cool outfit for the wedding – a sundress, cardigan if it got cold, hat, shoes. I was ready.

I landed on Monday, and we hung out on the beach for a couple of days getting a tan and chillaxing our faces off. And then disaster struck.

I started feeling a little iffy somewhere on wednesday night/thursday morning. Bit of a cough/sore throat, and a little weak. Nothing major, but enough to set off some alarm bells. I isolated that day away from everyone, and took a COVID test, which came up negative. “SWEET” I thought. “I’m just a bit run down, that’s all!”

On Friday I woke up and took another test. Positive.

Ah fuck.

I’m already down 1 day of hanging out with my friends, and now it looks like I’ll be missing the wedding. I made plans that morning to gtfo of there and into a hotel so as to not infect anyone else.

The wedding happened on Saturday. No one else tested positive for El Viro Loco, praise be to Odin or whatever. Seems like it was a great success!

I was in a hotel room. With minimal supplies to do a photoshoot – no camera/camera setup/lighting/tripod/camera trigger. Nothin’. Just me and a smartphone. A very tired me. But I wasn’t going to let the opportunity go to waste, so I showered, shaved, and started applying makeup.

So here you go. I hope you are duly appreciative.

I really fucked up my makeup. My liquid foundation seems to have…changed… Maybe I just don’t remember how to do it? Maybe I put too much on? But I looked like some nightmarish alien. I took it all off and started again with my trusty MAC Studio fix. Perfection. I also fucked up my eyeshadow. AND THEN I decided it would be a good idea to try doing liquid eyeliner again for the first time in years, and girl, let me tell you, I fucked up that too. The whole ordeal was a bit much, but eventually, after a lot of trial and error and remembering to keep drinking water because you gotta keep your fluids up, I got my makeup done and got a bunch of pictures in.

I’m still in Rhode Island, self-isolating and waiting until it’s safe to fly home and see my family. Wish me luck. Tell me I looked nice.

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