Vegas: Red

(Part of Colours of Las Vegas)

I’d gotten pictures of myself in a swimsuit before, but never a bikini. Honestly, I was a bit terrified even buying this because how could it possibly look good? I was glad to be mistaken. This was a good start to the day.

It wasn’t a full-on bikini-world, however. A cover-up was necessary because of the obvious reasons. I saw what was down there, it was not a good look.

Nevertheless, the cover-up didn’t detract from the outfit at all – it matched really well! Also I’m pretty happy about the fact that I got over my fear of sandals, because these are awesome.

I’d mentioned that I’d gone to tan by the pool the day before, not dressed up. The reasons behind that are trifold: One, I’d never been to a casino pool before, so I had no idea what to expect, and hey, why not do something a bit scary. Two, my recent love of Birkenstocks has left my feet awkwardly tanned, and so getting some sun on the less-sunned bits might help even out the colouring. And three, I wanted to get the lay of the land just in case I decided to be brave and venture down there in a bikini and take some pictures.

Well, I didn’t do that. Given the heat, the wig, and the medication, sitting in the sun sweating off my makeup did not sound appealing. Also I didn’t want to waste PRECIOUS CAMERA TIME, and I didn’t want to pop down there for ten minutes to take a hundred selfies with my shitty selfie stick. So, the terrace was it.

Not mad though. Not mad at all.

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