Vegas: Colour Me Bad 2

(Part of Colours of Las Vegas)

Hi there sauce-fans. In order of least-saucy to most-saucy, let’s dive right in.

Ok these first two were definitely not deliberate.

This one though, pretty deliberate. That’s not to say that the occasional panty-flash doesn’t accidentally happen in real life, but this certainly was no accident. Keeping it classy though, as I do.

And here’s a quick selfie in the shower wearing a bra, which you shouldn’t do in the shower.

This outfit was also entirely accidental. I’m not quite sure where those stockings came from. I don’t even remember taking these photos. Really, this could be anyone. Whoever you are, sexy impostor, I thank you.

Ok this one was definitely me. I didn’t know what all else to do with this beautiful bench, and this pose was definitely inspired by some glamour shots I’d looked at as prep for the shoot. It turned out really well!

You know what’s hard? Modelling. Holding any of these poses hurt. Up on your knees, back straight, butt out, arms stretched? Jesus christ, even remembering to do all those things at the same time is hard. This kind of goes for all the pictures taken. Suck in stomach, straighten back, head at the right angle. Shit’s hard. Tip your models.

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