Open Mic Night 6

Ladies and germs, welcome to this special edition of our Open Mic Night, this week coming to you from the corner of Liz’s Basement!

<smattering of applause intermingled with chatter and the clinking of glasses >

For our first act, coming all the way from… here… we have Liz, who’ll be playing a few of your favourite hits by Alanis Morissette and Jewel! Seems like she’s a bit shy, so let’s welcome her on to the stage!

Whoo, talk about some feminist angst there. Ok, next up, we have… uh… Liz! Keeping the “lass” in “classical”, she’ll be performing some Vivaldi for us tonight. Yikes.

Yowzer. Ok, that’s enough of that. Following that bag of cats, we have… oh god… Liz, and her Flute. Looks like she’ll be regaling us with… the flute parts from Peter and The Wolf… Let’s hope this is short – it’s all getting a bit high brow for me right now.

Well that was blissfully short. Ok, enough of this – Our next act is Liz, who’ll be doing some free-form comedy – which is a bold move for a music-themed open-mic night, but you do you, Liz.

Oof – steer clear of the racial epithets there, lady. Alrighty, let’s try and salvage tonight with our next act, Liz, who’ll be playing a selection of 60s Ukulele hits… Seriously, where are we getting these people?

Welp. I’ll never listen to In a Gadda Da Vida again. Moving on, we have… Liz, who, it says here, is a one-woman Louis Armstrong Tribute Band. Interesting.

Huh. Well ok, I guess tonight is turning around! Alrighty, well… We have one more act, so I hope it’s a good one! Our final act is Liz, who’ll be performing some… oh hell yes, Guns N Roses hits! AMAZING!!!11


Alright folks, on that note, let’s kick you outta here with some good memories.

Thank you, and good night!

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6 thoughts on “Open Mic Night

  • Janelle Love

    So Talented to play so many instruments, very cool. Love all your outfits, especially your shoes. You are incredibly beautiful.

    • Liz Summers Post author

      In reality, I can only play the guitar, but I definitely bought all those instruments with the intention of learning them… one day…

  • Peter

    H, I There Liz Petra Din’t Know That You Avid Multi Talent Musician How do You Find The Time to Keep up And Practice on Such a Wide Range of Instrument. What Instrument have you not played Love The Difference OUTFIT’S That You Wear Where Playing Petra Wish That She Was as Talented as You Are Owe I Have to Admit I do Play The Drums Now And Then Keep up Your Practice. Love Petra.

  • Joey

    I love your violin shoes, and your flute and trumpet dresses. The comedy dress really suits you!
    You seem like you have a LOT of personality.