Ask a Crossdresser: Voice 1

When you’re dressed differently, do you alter your voice?

Nope! I very briefly (in terms of minutes, lol) experimented with the idea, but A: I don’t think I could pull it off, and more importantly, B: It’s just not me. I kind of think of the whole crossdressing thing as just a different version of me, but one that’s still authentically me (if that makes any sense) – I don’t have a different personality or voice – it’s not a character or persona, it’s just a different expression of the same thing. Maybe that doesn’t make sense… lol

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One thought on “Ask a Crossdresser: Voice

  • Pat Scales

    You expressed my situation well. I may have tried to alter my voice for about a minute but that was not me. I do not get out too often and when I do it is most often to an LGBT friendly bar for a drink or two but when you find me there it will be the real deal me, just nicel dressed in a skirt or dress, heels, makeup and wig. I take my place at the bar and engage in the same conversations expressing the same opinions that I would if I were in guy mode.