Ask a Crossdresser: Who knows? 1

Does you extended family know? (Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) What was their reaction?

So I’m actually 100% open about it now – My facebook profile picture alternates between me dressed as regular me, and me in a wig and makeup and looking spectacular, lol – Everyone knows, and for the most part either don’t care, or at the very least, don’t give me grief about it. My mum I think is having the hardest time dealing with it, but then I also think she’s having a hard time dealing with the fact I’m not a twelve year old anymore! I’m somewhat certain they think it’s a little weird, and I’m ok with that, because it probably is a little weird – but so long as no one’s throwing bricks or making me feel bad, that’s fine. I’m also pretty sure that one or two of my cousins think it’s kind of cool, since they seem to “like” every photo I upload)

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