Making Liz – Part Four: Eyes again! 2

Carrying on from Part Three, in the Making Liz series…

So last time, we were talking about lips…

Well, enough about stupid lips… Back to eyes! YES! LIQUID EYELINER! This stuff terrified me, and it took a little while to get the hang of it, but I think I’ve figured it out. This is Sephora’s own brand, and it’s amazing. The applicator’s nice and sharp, and this stuff is just JET BLACK and amazing.
DSC_0607There’s one eye done… Seems hardly worth keeping this picture here, since the next picture is…

… both eyes done.

The one thing that really helped me out with liquid eyeliner is tilting your head back and doing it – it lets you close your eye most of the way, but still letting it be open enough (and not twitching… very important) that you still get depth-perception, which is super useful when you’re POKING THINGS AT YOUR EYE.

Oh, and one more thing, while we’re on the subject…


You don’t want to smudge.

Oh hai Urban Decay eyeliner pencil in brown. I’m gonna use you now.

Ok. apart from the fact that you get to see waaaaay too much of my eye right now, notice how I’ve only coloured the the outside half of my bottom lid. You could do the whole thing if you wanted, but doing half seems to make your eye look a bit bigger – light on the inside corners, darker on the outside corners, same as with the eyeshadow. Ok. I’m gonna put my eye down now.


All right, At some point in this whole process I put on this Base Mascara from Dior. This was yet another free sample I got from Sephora, but in all likelihood, when it runs out, I’m ponying up for the real stuff. Why? Because it is AMAZING.

Combine that with the “They’re Real!” mascara from Benefit (I tried this on in the store, and was blown away – absolutely stunning)

and BOOM. Notice on the left, it’s a bit clumpy, and on the right, it’s a bit more separated… That’s because when I’m putting mascara on, I always forget to do this miniscule left/right motion on my first eye, and then when I see the clumps, I’m all “crap!” and then make it better on my second eye. That lefty/righty motion while you’re applying mascara really significantly helps to separate the lashes. I also meant to curl my lashes during this. Welp. Far too late now.

And finally… Part Five

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