While you were watching the Superbowl, I was attempting makeup.

I’ve been a bit on the snowed-under side of things for what seems like months now. A few weeks ago, I bought some new clothes, and hadn’t really had a chance to actually try them out.

In between working on side-projects, and being summoned to squash bugs on sunday mornings, I finally managed to get a chance to get dressed up and take some pics.


It was a bit too dark for the webcam after a while

But I got an extra one with the KITTEH just cuz.

I opted for a proper camera instead. Nothing like a prime lens! Sometimes. The pics that captured a little bit TOO much detail, well, they’re huddled together for warmth before my trash can cleans them out properly.

I think it was after this photo when I decided to see if I was brave enough to check the mail while dressed up. It was dark outside. I took a deep breath and went for it. Walked in one direction, and noticed a car parked nearby with the headlights on. Did a 180, and took the loooong way round, and back. I made it successfully, and with all organs intact! HEART BEATING FAST OH GOD I HOPE NO ONE SAW ME.

Then again, I think I look pretty good today. After much wringing of hands, at least. And deleting of photos. And trying on different outfits. And wishing I was skinnier. Someone, deliver muffins plz.

There’s that KITTEH again.

I really need some more ballet-flats. I like these ones, but they’re a bit on the boring side. Also, notice the laptop. Marvel at how industrious I am.

Continue marvelling from a different angle.

The make-up’s got to come off sometime. And OH GOD, there was a lot.


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