Ask a Crossdresser: Will you transition? 1

Personally: No. I am male, in both body and mind.

This is an important point. The parts that we are born with are not the 100% guarantees of gender that some people feel that they are. Gender is something that we carry around with us in our minds – it is who we are, as opposed to what happens to be in our underwear. It’s also worth nothing that you aren’t necessarily EITHER male OR female. Think of gender like the colors black and white – you can be a very dark grey, or a very brilliant white, or equally, you can be an even-grey – somewhere in the middle, or possibly lighter, or possibly darker. I strongly urge you to not think strictly in black and white terms, nor in strictly male and female terms.

People will sometimes assume that if you dress up in female clothing, it means that you will at some point in the future want to go the whole hog, and begin the arduous journey of transitioning from male to female, which involves the taking of female hormones, presenting 100% of the time as female (or, more correctly, as themselves), with the final step of having a sex-change – also known as SRS, or sex-reassignment-surgery.

In some cases, this is true. These people are female, regardless of the genitalia.

In other cases, such as my own, it is not true. Both genetically and mentally I am male.

Please try to avoid assuming anything – for the most part, if you’re curious, it’s best to ask :)

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One thought on “Ask a Crossdresser: Will you transition?

  • Pat Scales

    I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am a very happily married older male. I would never consider transition but I do like getting dressed and going out. I am a large older guy (6’1″, 240 lbs, 61 years old) so I would have to live in fools paradise to think that I would ever pass but I do like to get out and blend in with the civilian population. So far I go to only safe areas such as CD meetings or parties or LGBT places but I find it fun and affirming to get out and about.
    I am glad that CDs in your generation are taking the freedom to be more fluid in their attire and that their friends and family are becoming more accepting.